I'm so blessed to have found Dr. Shuster, and this dental office, I would tell you… come to where you are celebrated, not just tolerated.


I had headaches for 30 years until I got my NTI… then they reduced within 3 days and now I no longer have them. What a relief!

Also tell people, that since I had the mercury out of my teeth, now I am less allergic and definitely have healthier gums.

John B.:

Thanks for fixing my teeth from cavities, and it didn't even hurt… that's what I'd tell people

Marilyn (you can see photos of her teeth here):

I love how my teeth look and feel since I went ahead with the mercury out and my front teeth fixed...


Since I had my smile fixed, my friends say… wow somehow you've taken 5 years off your face

Susan A.:

Dr. Shuster, has been my dentist in Prescott for many years. Recently I had two bonded all porcelain crowns done that really show in my smile (magnificient). I had temporaries on during the Thanksgiving holiday and no one knew! The temporaries were fantastic looked natural, felt normal. I had to bring my friend with me to see...... that we actually have fun during our dental appointments