Smile Fixes

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Mountain Bike accident, fixed with cosmetic dentistry using vaneers Volleyball accident, fixed with cosmetic dentistry using vaneers. Rope Swing accident, fixed with cosmetic dentistry using vaneers.
Mountain Bike Volleyball Rope Swing

This woman was playing competitive volleyball for USC during practice and the ball hit her face. Her father had heard about us, as he is a pilot that visits Prescott. She flew in from Los Angeles to have Prescott dentist Kevin Shuster repair her front teeth with augmentation vs. amputation, as Dr. Shuster is fond of saying. Realize that no healthy part of her front teeth were removed or “touched”. The minimally invasive technique used here is called “Sectional Veneers” they are tiny little “bikini” versions of full veneers and cover and protect only the affected, broken tiny section of the tooth that was injured. Theses veneers don't cover the whole front of the tooth. Only just the little tiny section shown in the photo. This is one example of no cutting veneers. I coach this technique in my Prescott office, for any dentists that would like to learn this techniqe.

Prescott dentist Kevin Shuster is one of 600 offices in North America to master this technique (partial coverage veneers). Most offices would cut it down to a nub and and put a crown on it - they would have little other choice without the microscope enhanced dentistry plus a masterful knowledge of bonding. The inventor of modern bonded dentistry in North America points out Dr. Shuster as a master of the minimally invasive bonded technique.


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