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Night Grinding, Dental Headaches NTI

ntiShanaMany people have a destructive habit of grinding their teeth or clenching. Most of the damage is done while they are deep asleep and so are unaware, that they are "bruxing". There is treatment and relief from symptoms that can accompany this habit. Dr. Kevin Shuster is a Prescott dentist that uses devices in conjunction with therapeutic method to reduce or eliminate the night grinding and clenching that causes pain for about 44 Million Americans. We have had excellent results for people with "jaw, ear, and neck pain" as well as migraine headache pain or severe wear or chipping of front teeth. If you have these symptoms, consider getting help right now... this works.


We have treated hundreds of bruxing (tooth grinding) patients so far. Treatment outcomes for patients have been excellent. Few things in dentistry work as well as this.


The NTI system is approved by the FDA to treat migraine related pain.

NTI the device, fits securely over your front teeth. while you sleep. It not only protects your teeth from cracks and chips, but help to prevent damage to your jaw join (TMJ), and usually results in patients who clench and grind less. Amazingly, I've found that my patients clench and grind less even when NOT wearing it.



ntiShanaHere is Shana Our former lead clinical assistant, many of you loved Shana as our dental assistant, here she is now as our patient putting her NTI for the first time.

ntiShanaKiddingAfter your NTI is fabricated, we will have an appointment with you to: trying and fit your NTI, we'll provide you with instructions on it's successful use.

This is an NTI device

NTIwBoxFrontLook at the testimonials page. We celebrate with the dozens of our patients for whom the NTI device has meant relief. If you have TMJ, or facial pain we are here to help you.

NTIwBoxSideThe NTI devices are easy to care for. There are imitators of these certified NTI's I advise getting a certified NTI, made only in the United States. There have been verified reports of Chinese versions that have contamination of industrial chemicals. For now keep the Chinese made stuff in the garage, NOT in your mouth.