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Metal Free Dentistry


Above: an all ceramic crown right before bonding

This is the view of an all ceramic crown with a small flashlight shining inside it. This ability to transmit light causes them to be more beautiful.... in a persons mouth, never a gray line at the gum line... they look very natural. There are some other important reasons to have metal free dentistry: 1. a significant number of people are thought to have allergies to one or more metals, and 2. metal in the mouth can contribute to complications diagnostic imaging that is coming for head and neck diagnosis.


Do you agree that our all ceramic crown has no grey line around the gumline like old crowns do

Certificate of authentic materialIt's important to your safety that you know the country of origin and the purity of any crown bridge etc. put into your mouth. You may want to ask for documentation such as shown here; to help ensure what you are getting is FDA approved safe. Some discount crowns made offshore have been shown to be contaminated with lead or other hazardous material. What is pictured here are certificates of authenticity affixed to patient treatment record specifying materials purity.

Some discounted dental services are (knowingly or not), putting crowns in peoples mouths that are contaminated with lead and other toxins, as a result of poorly regulated foreign manufacture... all in an attempt to be cheaper, but at what real cost. Certification

I'm told only about 92% of dentists have never done an all ceramic crown. This is a photograph of one of our all Ceramic Crowns, Note the metal free nature of this crown, and its certificate of authenticity... which is an important safety feature

This is a crown right before bonding, this view from the underside of the crown, demonstrating the all ceramic, not "metal thimble" underneath. Traditional crowns have a metal thimble which can introduce the typical "dead" appearance" of crowns, their opaque look and a grey or black line at the gumline. These don't have any of those complications.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE regarding "foreign laboratory manufacture of dental crowns"

Notice that there is no metal in this crown, AND it has a unique certificate of authenticity and materials origin. So you can be sure of its content and such issues as lead free and pure zirconia. Alarming FDA and ADA findings in recent months have uncovered toxic levels of lead and other contaminants in dental products from China, and other sources outside the U.S. Toxic levels of lead found in toys, toothpaste, dental crowns, and bridges.

I encourage people to ask their dentist to verify these certificates of authenticity in the crowns that go in their mouths before they are put in. Bond strengths will be better. Gum health and overall health will be optimum. Just as a side note... isn't it a good "season" of our culture to buy "Made in the USA" especially when it's better for our health?