Dental Health

Dental health affects WHOLE BODY health.

Mercury Free

llB4quad composite fillings

These white fillings look better and feel better than black fillings. I stopped doing black, mercury fillings in 1992 in my Prescott Dental office. However I did do them as demonstration for foreign dentists who were studying. My understanding is that "mercury fillings" are not accepted or even permitted by many foreign governments. In any case we have in my opinion; superior alternatives to mercury filling materials.

Many people come to our Prescott dental office to have mercury fillings replaced. The restorations pictured here, are bonded composite (direct resin inlays) and have many wonderful advantages to other types of restorations. The way we do these fillings is among the most gentle forms of dental treatment. People coming to us for care are happy when we can do these instead of crowns, due to their comfort, beauty, and relatively small investment. We've done many thousands of them since 1989.