Recommended Reading

Cris Crowley"Younger Next Year" .... Chris Crowley and Harry Lodge M.D.

This is an excellent book aimed first at men's health in the 50 year old and beyond age group. Its also available in audio form from the iTunes store and There is also a "Younger next year" for women.

Schwartz"Heavy hands Walking book"... Leonard Schwartz M.D. and Barnes and Noble.. this is an excellent book. Dr. Schwartz is now about 79 (in 2009) years old and obviously very fit.


Dr. Lennie Schwartz the physician innovator in the 80's whose pioneering work in "Panaerobics" (total body exercise) lead to the heavy hands walking exercising movement in it's modern form.

As time goes on I'll elaborate this page if readers make comments, or show interest.

Some common thread take home messages from these books are:

that at least 85% of all chronic disease diagnosed in the USA, is preventable with lifestyle choices. Following these 4 rules will cause a person to be leaner and less inflamed. That translates into better life quality.

  1. Hydration (drink more water)
  2. Blood Sugar Stability (nutrition glycemic index of foods, and insulin release)
  3. Physical exercise (I guess our grandma's were right)
  4. Monitor your body. Listen when your body whispers, or it will scream.