Dental Health

Dental health affects WHOLE BODY health.

Gums and Health

In England earlier in 2008; the minister of health listed 5 things the average person could do to reduce risk of heart attack and stroke.... at the top of the list?...... you guessed it.... floss your teeth! He also made exercise and dietary recommendations (see our page on recommended reading) on general health. Take home message.... it's not smart to walk around with even low grade gum infection.

Poor Oral Health Can Cause Localized Hair Loss Posted: 06 Oct 2008 09:23 AM CDT Cosmetic dentistry has taken flight in recent years. Publicity from Extreme Makeover (ABC) and new technology, like CEREC for one-visit porcelain restorations, Zoom! Whitening, and Lumineers, has boosted the popularity of cosmetic dentistry. In addition, recent research has revealed a link between overall health and oral health, such as the fact that gum disease can contribute to increased risk for a number of problems, from low-weight births to heart attacks, strokes, and Alzheimer’s. We now know that oral health can contribute to a person’s appearance, outside of their smile. Image conscious patients will be interested to learn that alopecia areata, a condition of hair loss,may be connected to poor oral health. According to an article on, bald patches sometimes occur “in a line projected from the dental infection.” The scalp, as well as facial hair (eyebrows, beard, etc.) may be affected; men and women are susceptible. Hair does regenerate, but patients can have relapses. The article suggests that patients who notice localized bald patches should visit their dentist. Findings are attributed to Professors Joe Antonio Gil Montoya and Cutando Soriano.

I'm collecting new information for you all, on the link between gum infection and heart attack, stroke and other serious diseases that most serious health care researchers around the world, believe exists.

More on this as we are able to add content for you.... right now, please understand that bad breath, bleeding gums, receding gums and other gum infection/bone disease symptoms put people at unnecessarily high risk for blood clotting diseases (like heart attack and stroke), and are usually easy to solve.