Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is simply dentistry that works well and looks fantastic.

Invisalign leads to straight teeth

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The photo on the left is before "Invisalign" straightening, the photo on the right is after. Like most of my invisalign patients; Julie came to us for straighter teeth, primarily to improve gum health and optimize her bite and, yes her appearance is enhanced. Like all good cosmetic dentistry; when you improve health and vibrance people are even prettier.... healthier=better looking.

Dr. Shuster was first certified for Invisalign in 2004, In subsequent years Dr. Shuster got more advanced certification. The Invisalign headquarters in Costa Rica hosted a class in the advanced topics courses offered by Invisalign. Dr. Shuster has taken many courses in advanced topics as well as being part of their ongoing study club; where invisalign doctors share and compare patients challenges and outcomes. In a collaboration to improve outcomes for all patients. Don't hesitate to call us or set up an invisalign consultation. If you are curious what wireless tooth straightening can do for you, Dr. Shuster enjoys these consultations and helping people live better via straighter teeth.

Here is one person who after being a patient for years decided to straighten and whiten her teeth with us. Her mother (in her 80's) was so glad when she saw the final result at a basketball game.. that was fun to see joy on the face of an elderly Mom.... who said: "I always wanted to see my Julie with straight teeth".

All of my invisalign patients are adults, and most of they appreciate the improvement in their appearance, and feel especially good to have a lifetime of healthier gums and easier cleanings, resulting in better overall health, and fresher breath, and cleanings that are easy.

These photos don't do justice in telling this Invisalign story, as it relates to Julie. Julie disliked the exaggerated "fang" appearance, a bad bite, and ongoing problems with bleeding gums. Please review the photos below that we took of Julie during her treatment with Invisalign, tooth whitening (which goes great with Invisalign), and normal white filling dentistry. Do you agree that we were able to help her nicely?

Certainly the arrangement of her teeth is improved, also Julie experienced a much better gum health and so an overall health improvement... plus, YES her teeth now add to her natural beauty.


The photo on the left was not at the very beginning of treatment, the photo on the right nearly done:


Photo on the left was before treatment, photo on the right after treatment complete, note she also elected to have black filling replaced.