Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is simply dentistry that works well and looks fantastic.

Dental Implants

Dr. Shuster has completed many dozen implant cases and can advise you on how well dental implants might help you to replace missing teeth. Dr. Shuster was one of a select few Prescott Implant Dentists who just completed an implant mini-residency 11-09, studying with a limited number of other Prescott Implant Dentists.

Think of implants as the most elegant way to replace missing teeth. Dr. Shuster has been a Prescott dentist since 1989. Over the decades of service Prescott area dentistry I've come to appreciate implants as generally more advantageous, comfortable, longer lasting, than bridges.

Are you surprised to know that a majority of people, have lost teeth over the years. A growing number of people want to regain the health and better looks that come with replacing those missing teeth. The majority of American adults have lost at least one important tooth and many are having those "missing players of the team" replaced with dental implants. Careful planning of the end result and experience both play a role in dental implant success and Dr. Shuster has decades of experience as well as a very thorough nature and as of 3-9-11 all cases we've planned and done, have succeeded as planed.

"We've done many dozens of these cases since 1989, and have not had a single one not work! In fact all of them are still working fine." My sense it that with as many implant cases as we restore each year, sooner or later something is bound to fail.... but so far all the implants we've restored are functioning as designed, all of them.

Prescott implant dentist, Kevin Shuster DDS

Implants are a great way for many people to have the most natural feeling, looking and lasting way of replacing missing teeth. After teeth have been regained using implants, people can brush and floss normally. A very important benefit of implants treatment is that jaw bone maintains a healthy thickness, and doesn't wither away, as it does beneath a conventional bridge.

Dr. Shuster has restored hundreds of implants over the years and would be happy to discuss how implants may play a role in your best dental future.

If you are missing teeth, that wish you could have back, why not reserve a little time to discuss this with Dr. Shuster.... we've helped many, people.

If there is interest I can post photos of upcoming implant cases… just email us.

dental_implantB4This is our patient Dick who wanted some help replacing some missing front teeth with implants.


We were able to help Dick, these after photos are of the finished result. He liked them very much.