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All dentistry & photography done by Dr. Shuster

There is an important difference between this dental website and all the other dental websites you'll see. ON THIS SITE, Dr. Shuster did all the dentistry and photography. Why does this matter to you? Because here you can see the authentic "us" and the work we do. Your not looking at clip art or a copied photo. Everything here is work we did, we took the pictures and wrote everything here for real. These are routine cases for us. Dr. Shuster did all the cosmetic and restorative dentistry here in our Prescott Dentist office, where Dr. Shuster has served the community since 1989. You can see for yourself if it's what you want. This webpage lets you see who we are and what we do, to help you feel comfortable at your new dental home. Willow Creek Dental Care.

I've taken thousands of photos of beautiful strong, comfortable dentistry like what we can do for you.

On our site you'll see only photos, that I made of work that we did right here in our Prescott Dental office; so you can judge for yourself; Look at the tab "crown alternatives" and see how we save our patients

We are unique in Prescott; Here are some important differences:

THE DOCTOR SEES YOU EVERY TIME, AND IT'S THE SAME DOCTOR EVERY TIME. Dr. Shuster will see you for every cleaning appointment and actually hands on; do the cleaning himself for you. You always have time to ask Dr. Shuster your questions.

Truely modern technologies that make a positive, precise, and more comfortable procedures than ever before. When we make a white filling we don't cut any part of your tooth that is healthy. Due to very modern technologies from Europe, we cut 1/20th to 1/100th as much as what is normal in North America. Thedifference in your experience, is that your teeth are stronger more beautiful, and more comfortable. Almost no-one needs a crown any more.... the way we do it.

Dr. Shuster works through a DENTAL OPERATING MICROSCOPE (enhanced). Less than 5% of offices in North America have made this commitment to excellence. Scientific literature indicates that dentists do their best work through the microscope. It's simple Microscope enhanced dentistry has made my work more precise and patient comfortable than ever before in my career. Un-matched magnification and illumination. You have to see this to beleive it.

Dr. Shuster is in the words of the inventor of cosmetic dentistry in the USA, the Doc to go to for bonded dentistry, in Prescott Arizona,this was announced to a room full of bonding doctors in 2014 at a meeting (by invitation) of cosmetic dentist leaders from all over the world.

Bonded dentistry, in conjunction with the microscope allows us to cut the tooth 1/20th to 1/100th less than conventional dentistry. This almost always prevents the need for root canals and crowns.


Many have said the differences are wonderful . We are never in a hurry, and take time to answer your questions. We see ONE PATIENT AT A TIME. In our office the whole staff is focused on you, to maximize your convenience. YOU SEE THE DOCTOR EVERY VISIT, he is rarely late and; Dr. Shuster PERSONALLY DOES YOUR CLEANING, THROUGH THE MICROSCOPE. We don't know of another dental practice anywhere that does this. Your appointment time is reserved for you alone and your treatment is customized to your needs..... Some time studies indicate we accomplish procedure in less time than the average practice in North America, We are never in a hurry, were just organized and effecient. With over 25 years experience we understand how to complete your treatment, with little rework. Again, we see ONE PATIENT AT A TIME. So this means we have a NO WAITING policy for you.

What we can do for you:

Timely individualized, care; with lots of experience in complex rejuvination treatment plans. This is fixing worn down, or cracked and patched teeth. Very rarely having to do a crown or a root canal. We use a the latest design (released in the USA in 3-2014) of DENTAL OPERATING MICROSCOPE and this provides more gentle descriminating removal of decay or repair of cracks. Allowing you to chew and speak comfortably, and we even have extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry, with photographs of our cases on this site and more in the office. We help people to achieve dental health, strength,and improved appearance. We take care of all kinds of people who want to go from good to great. All aspects of general dentistry with an emphasis on Cosmetic Dentistry, bio-mimetic dentistry and true oral health.

Dr. Shuster (Prescott Cosmetic Dentist) has completed cosmetics training at LVI (extreme makeover), Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, and the Association of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry. In 2014 Dr. Shuster took almost 20,000 photographs many of which have been used in lectures on minimally invasive, cosmetic, and functional bonded dentistry.

Our purpose for being here is to help you to have the best DENTAL HEALTH you've ever had, to the degree that you want. We look at each new patient and are excited to show them, "what is the healthiest this person can be?" What do they really want, and how do we help them get there?

MANY OF OUR PATIENTS FEEL IT'S IMPORTANT THAT DR. SHUSTER DOES ALL THE CLEANINGS, AND THROUGH A DENTAL OPERATING MICROSCOPE WITH 90% REDUCTION IN THE OLD SCRAPING METHOD. You read that right: Dr. Shuster cleans each persons teeth personally while other clinical staff only assist. One of our patients insisted we put his quote on our front page "Hey, EVERYONE SHOULD know how good this is..... and I've never found it anywhere else". "Best, most comfortable cleaning I can remember.".

I've been a dentist serving Prescott since 1989, and am happy to provide basic routine care right up to cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers, and lumineers. Dr. Shuster will show you that he did a full mouth reconstruction for a 20 year old woman, including full veneers with near ZERO CUTTING. I've trained at most of the well recognized training facilities for cosmetic dentistry in the USA. So when you desire experience with white fillings, veneers dental implants and would rather NOT HAVE A CROWN, or a root canal, remember we've been here since1989, one owner, one doctor. With each person we meet, We employ all the cosmetic training, and experience even on routine appointments of fixing one filling.... so you feel better and look better, and last longer

click on "photo gallery" tab to see work we did and photographed all in our office on Willow Creek Rd.

We help many "out of town" patients, and thier parents to feel comfortable, and confident about thier adult family members who are temporairly here in Prescott for college, flight training, or are attending one of the 100+ personal advancement facilities that exist in Prescott.

We were featured on a well known TV show that deals with recovery and rehabilitation for people who are becoming sober and well. We've played a safe and sane role in many people becoming well. We have significant experience family members whose parents live out of state. Kim is an expert with finance, dental insurance and communication. Our Prescott dental office is availeble to help people get dentally healthy without the use of sedation or narcotics. When I am operating with a microscope, and bonding, We are able to avoid cutting healthy tooth structure, so it doesn't hurt. We are very familiar with providing for a family member while they are in Prescott for education or wellness with family back home who are involved in thier care. Kim has been with us full time since 1996 making scheduling and financial arrangements. See her in the tab on the left Office Tour

Kim has been with us 19 years in 2014, and is very helpful in getting you started by scheduleing your exam appointment.

Tell her please about any concerns you have and how we can help you have a great first experience in our office.


1727 Willow Creek Rd. Prescott Az